Bike Program

What is our vision?

Sustain Charlotte is passionate about cycling. Through our Bicycle Program, we engage the community in multiple ways as we work towards our goal of growing the use of bicycles for transportation.  We envision and support a connected network of safe bicycle facilities that will make it possible for residents of all ages and abilities to safely ride a bike to the places they need to go.

Why does it matter?

Did you know that 44 people move to Charlotte every day?  The city’s population is expected to grow by nearly 50% over the next 40 years.  How do we ensure that Charlotte remains an attractive place to live and work as we prepare to welcome 400,000 new residents over the next 25 years without continuing the development pattern of sprawl?



Getting more people on bikes plays a huge role in filling the transportation gap. Not only does bicycling promote a healthier lifestyle, but it also provides economic savings to your wallet and helps preserve the environment.  

Did you know that due to our region’s auto-dominated transportation network and sprawling land use patterns, Mecklenburg residents spend on average 26% of household income on transportation versus a national average of only 19%?  

Don’t believe us?  Our partners at PeopleforBikes back the benefits of bicycling with data.  Read their economic, environmental, health, and more statistics here! 

What's new? 

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Charlotte Family Biking Guide

Use it as a resource for basic instructions on how to bike with kids, links to routes, and contact information for local organizations.  It also includes a bike shop directory for all your needs.  Click here to download the file directly to your computer as a PDF or view the Family Biking Guide here.  



What we are doing

As the only transportation advocacy organization with a focus on cycling in the greater Charlotte area, we actively embrace and promote all 6 essential elements of a bicycle-friendly America (commonly referred to as the 6 E’s): education, encouragement, engagement, engineering, equity, enforcement, and evaluation/planning.  Almost everything Sustain Charlotte does touches on cycling and many of our programs incorporate multiple elements into each project.  

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Equity                                         Engineering                         Education

Equity_4.jpg Engineering.jpg Education.jpg 


 Encouragement                                Enforcement                           Evaluation

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