Does your neighborhood have bus stops that are hard to reach on foot?

Use hashtag #Walk2Transit to post your city bus stop photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or email them to meg.fencil@sustaincharlotte.org!

Walk2Transit is Sustain Charlotte's initiative that gives a voice to bus riders and transit advocates. A voice that will result in tangible improvements to the walkability of Charlotte's highest need bus stops.

Here’s how you can help

  • Use hashtag #Walk2Transit to post your bus stop photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Tell us where the stop is located. We'll add it to our crowd-sourced map, below. Blue dots are crowd-sourced stops. Yellow dots were identified by Sustain Charlotte staff as bus stops near areas that are challenging for pedestrians. However, it isn't yet clear whether bus riders face these challenges in the same way as pedestrians who aren't riding transit. 

PLEASE NOTE: A dot on the map doesn't necessarily mean that a bus stop is unsafe to walk to. A dot indicates that either a resident or our team has identified the stop (for any of a variety of reasons) as a priority area for further walkability analysis. 


 Click on the map to view user-submitted comments and photos!

  • If you don't use social media, please email photos (up to 8MB per email) of unwalkable bus stops in your neighborhood to meg.fencil@sustaincharlotte.org. Unable to email photos? No problem! Just tell us as much as you can about the bus stop and where exactly it's located.
  • Share this page with your friends, family, and colleagues!

Why this is important

3 out of every 4 public transportation trips in the CATS service area are bus rides. While rail service gets most of the news coverage and publicity, buses are moving far more of us to our daily destinations. 

Yet many bus riders face unpleasant and unsafe barriers as they walk to and from their stops. Bus riders frequently encounter:

  • No sidewalks to the bus stop
  • No shelter or seating at the bus stop
  • No safe way to cross the street between the bus stop and their destination
  • Conditions that make it nearly impossible for a disabled person or parent with small children to safely reach a bus stop 

What we're doing

The project will begin with a public campaign to assess where Charlotte's most unwalkable bus stops are located. We'll then:

  • Rank Charlotte's 25 most unwalkable bus stops.
  • Organize volunteers to complete walking audits of the bus stops.
  • Survey and interview bus riders to determine their needs as pedestrians.
  • Create short films and written stories of bus riders who struggle with walkability.
  • Write and share a comprehensive report of the 10 highest need bus stops.
  • Coordinate with Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), and City Council to ask for pedestrian improvements at the 5 highest need bus stops.

We'll empower the community members to become effective transit walkability advocates by providing workshop trainings, an action guide, and demonstration projects! 

Will you join us in showing some love for your local bus stops?

For more information about the project or to submit photos, contact Meg Fencil at meg.fencil@sustaincharlotte.org.

This project is funded by a grant from TransitCenter.





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