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    Charlotte’s Best Bike Short Cuts: Easier Ways to Get There From Here

    There are lots of great, and not-so-great quotes about shortcuts. And most of them don’t give too much praise or promise to the idea that there’s any better way to get where you’re going other than the road long and laborious. Clearly, the authors of these quote have never needed to get anywhere by bike!


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    Will Charlotte's transportation network be ready for 400,000 new residents?

    Written by Jordan Moore and Meg Fencil

    Between 2015 and 2040, Charlotte's population is projected to grow by 400,000 people. That's like adding the entire population of Miami or New Orleans to our existing city! Will our street network be ready to safely and equitably provide for the daily transportation needs of our current and new residents? 

    That was the question on the mind of City Council's Transportation and Planning Focus Area at their September 12 meeting. Click here for the presentation they saw.

    It's exciting to be one of the nation's fastest growing large cities, but it's also quite a challenge to plan for such incredible population growth. We're glad to see our City Council's Transportation & Planning Focus Area and Charlotte Department of Transportation developing a clearer picture of upcoming transportation needs as well as developing a budget and plan to meet those needs.

    The results of CDOT's 2016 Household Survey are in, and residents are speaking up for safer bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. 81% of respondents would be encouraged to bicycle more if they had on-street separated facilities (ie, protected bike lanes or cycletracks) available. 


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    Community Corps and Grier Heights residents celebrate opening of computer lab

    In July, we told you about the work that our Sustain Charlotte Community Corps volunteers have done to help the Grier Heights neighborhood open its first computer lab. Read more about the effort here. This incredible partnership between our volunteers, the Grier Heights Community Improvement Organization, Crossroads Corporation, and Skanska led to a community celebration on Labor Day as we helped the neighborhood cut the ribbon on the new lab!


    Envisioning, installing, and opening the computer lab was truly a partnership!

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