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    Meet Ike the Protected Bike Lane!

    If you attended Open Streets 704 this past Sunday (May 1st) you may have noticed some new faces in the crowd. The entire point of the event was to give residents the opportunity to walk out in a shared open space and re-imagine, however briefly, how we use our city. Open Streets brings people of all walks of life together to do what we love to do the most - people watch.

    You may have seen another new face out there: Ike the Protected Bike Lane!


    Ike couldn't stop talking about how great folks in Charlotte are!

    (Photo credit: Ben Premeaux)

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    How would you re-build South Tryon?

    Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently invited Charlotteans to take a closer look at the streets in South End. Not a casual glance as we rush past on our way to work or to the gym, but a slow and deliberate study of the entire pedestrian experience.

    Scott Curry, CDOT's Pedestrian Planner, often says that a good walking experience encompasses three virtues:

    It's safe. It's inviting. It's useful.

    Keeping these elements in the front of my mind throughout the tour, I found most of this segment of South Tryon to be rather unsafe and lacking inviting features. There were some useful destinations (a rock climbing gym, music hall, convenience store, small businesses, nonprofits) to walk to, but they weren't easy to access on foot.

    The walking tours covered four portions of streets including northern and southern stretches of S. Tryon and South Blvd from just south of Uptown to Remount Rd. CDOT is collecting citizen input about these streets as part of a larger study aimed at improving safety and overall functioning for all users including pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and motorists.


    CDOT staff will use public input from the tours to determine where changes are most needed.

    When I signed up for the walking tour of South Tryon, my first thought was "Why is it going to take two hours to walk 1/2 mile?" It turned out to be time very well spent. CDOT provided a remarkably educational and even fun way to spend a beautiful sunny spring evening as I chatted with eight other tour participants and three CDOT staff about what makes a street function either well or poorly for pedestrians.

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    Sustain Charlotte honors over 70 sustainability leaders at awards event

    Against the stunning backdrop of the LaCa Projects Gallery in Uptown, Sustain Charlotte welcomed over 300 guests to celebrate the achievements of dozens of sustainability leaders based in the Charlotte region.

    Awards were given to First, Second, and Third Place winning organizations in the categories of Energy, Food, Land Use, Social Equity, Sustainable Economy, Transportation, Waste Reduction, and Water. Click here to learn more about the work of the winners and all of our nominees!

    Our judges bestowed this year's highly coveted Outstanding Leader Award on Damon Barron, founder of Treecycle America. Damon's passion for keeping Charlotte's fallen trees out of the landfill and crafted into beautiful products is so inspirational!


    Outstanding Leader winners Jill Walker (3rd), Damon Barron (1st), Bill Zuehlke (2nd)!


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    Learning about sustainable development at our April mixer

    April is our favorite month because it's time to celebrate Earth Day and host our annual Sustain Charlotte Awards honoring local excellence in sustainability! Our staff and about 70 of our friends kicked the month off on Tuesday at the Green Drinks Charlotte + Sustain Charlotte Monthly Mixer at Wooden Robot.

    Dylan McKnight spoke about the transformative work that Stantec, a Silver Partner of Sustain Charlotte, is doing to create vibrant, people-oriented communities near Charlotte and across the country. Stantec employs over 15,000 people in more than 250 locations to provide professional consulting in planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics.


    Dylan McKnight explained how Stantec designs sustainable neighborhoods and projects.

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    Council Environment Committee discusses Multi-family Solid Waste Service

    The City Council Environment Committee's conversation about whether or not to continue providing trash and recycling pickup at multi-family properties began several months ago. Since then, there has been a lot of discussion about what "multi-family" really means. During two public input sessions, many residents of apartments, condos, and townhomes have shared their concerns about rising costs, equity, and environmental impact. 


    The City's ultimate goal is to divert 100% of waste from landfills.

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    Council Transportation and Planning Committee Speaks Up for New Policies, 8 and 80 Year Olds, and Active Transportation

    Connectedness and interrelationship were the themes of the day at this month's City Council Transportation and Planning (TAP) Committee meeting.  Indeed, Committee Chair Lyles’ opening remarks began with these two very important words.  

    As you may know, our city is growing. And growing fast.  Within the next 25 years we can expect as many people as currently live in Raleigh (400,000) to show up in Charlotte looking for jobs, schools, homes and hopefully a vibrant culture.  

    Right now our city is reviewing two very important documents that will be the guidelines by which we decide how to grow.  Our city’s zoning ordinance is currently being rewritten and our Transportation Action Plan is due for its five year update.  


    The Centers, Corridors and Wedges Growth Framework guides Charlotte's growth & development.

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