Important #IBIKECLT update! You've spoken up for safer bicycle facilities in Charlotte, and your voice is making a difference! Click here to learn more.

#IBIKECLT is more than a hashtag. It is a campaign designed to inspire you. We want you to become more active this year. Not just moving your body for transportation and mobility, but also active in our community. Many people already use their bicycles in Charlotte for transportation. Many more say they would if they felt it was safer. We want our city to include safe, connected and dignified facilities for people on bikes at every opportunity.

This year we want to see Charlotte City Council approve a protected bike lane through Uptown Charlotte, connecting Irwin Creek Greenway and Little Sugar Creek Greenway. In turn, we hope that connecting these two greenways will unlock a larger network of protected bike lanes that anyone can use whether they are aged 8, or 80.  We believe that Charlotte's active transportation future is linked to world class infrastructure for people who want to go from point A to point B in a way that's convenient, safe, inexpensive, healthy, and fun.

*Campaign Update*

Your voice is making a difference!  

As a city, we have much work to do to catch up to our peer cities in terms of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.  On your behalf, we will continue to ask Council to fund these recommended projects to help make Charlotte a world-class, competitive, and equitable city.  

Check out the progress through our blog posts!  

March 37, 2017

Exciting Uptown Connects recommendations came from the the latest City Council’s Transportation and Planning (TAP) Committee.  Read our blog post it.

February 23, 2017

After February's second public Uptown Connects workshop hosted by Center City Partners and CDOT, we no longer have to use our imaginations to visualize what an Uptown protected bike lane will look like!  Read our blog post about it.


*Visualizations were provided at the Uptown Connects Study February 23, 2017 public workshop.  These renderings are intended to display possible options for design of the potential protected bicycle lanes.  These are only concepts*

November 2016

At the November 2016 Charlotte City Council Transportation and Planning Committee meeting, CDOT shared the results of their September workshop and plans to pilot protected bike lanes in Uptown! Read our blog post about it.

We are making short films (below) to highlight stories of local residents who commute by bicycle. We hope they inspire you to get around using a bicycle and help make Charlotte a place that is known as a city of people on bicycles. Watch these films with the sound turned up, ideally with your earbuds in!

Here are four easy ways you can support this campaign:

  1. Add your voice to our statement of support for a protected bike lane.
  2. Use hashtag #IBIKECLT to share photos, videos, and stories about riding your bike in Charlotte.
  3. Share our videos with your friends.
  4. Ride your bike as often as you can!


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