Who We Are

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Sustain Charlotte is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization helping to advance regional sustainability through smart growth. Download our most recent 990 here.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers work collaboratively with local neighborhood organizations, government agencies, nonprofits and businesses to solve the most important challenges to the long-term social, economic, and environmental health of our community.

In 2014, Charlotte Magazine named Sustain Charlotte a Charlottean of the Year, and "One of Seven Charities Worth Your Dollar."

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire choices that lead to a healthy, equitable, and vibrant community for generations to come.

Our Vision

A region in which everyone has the knowledge, resources, and opportunity to make choices with a clear awareness of their combined social, economic and environmental impacts.

What is Sustainability? Why is it Important to Charlotte?

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.  Sustainability is an indicator of a community's long-term economic, social, and environmental well-being. However, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area lags other metro areas in many key sustainability measures, and prior to Sustain Charlotte's founding, there was no local organization raising awareness of the challenges to our sustainability and their solutions.

Sustain Charlotte was founded in 2010 to fill this void and has quickly become the metro area's leading voice for sustainability.

Sustainability in an urban context recognizes that long-term economic vitality, environmental health, and social cohesion are interdependent: the health of one determines the health of all. An enduring economy depends on the sustainable use of natural resources. The sustainable use of natural resources depends on a strong social fabric of informed citizens, businesses and community leaders. And a vibrant society depends on a strong and resilient economy. Ultimately then, all efforts to lessen impacts to the natural environment and ensure a robust economy are efforts to secure a high quality of life for the community – that is, the people of the Charlotte region.

Our Approach

To achieve our mission we focus on three key strategies:

  1. Educate – We educate the public about the value to our community of sustainability and how it is achieved, including the best ideas and practices from other cities around the country.
  2. Engage – We provide opportunities for increased public engagement in the discussions and decisions that determine our future’s sustainability.
  3. Unite – We unite citizens, businesses, nonprofits, public agencies, and academic institutions to develop shared visions, goals, and strategies for a sustainable region.

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