Charlotte 2030: A Sustainable Vision for Our Region

On November 1, 2010, Sustain Charlotte publicly launched Charlotte 2030: A Sustainable Vision for Our Region. This first-of-its-kind vision for our region's future is the product of countless volunteer hours, and the engagement of more than 100 local citizens and experts from many disciplines using a collaborative and consensus-based process, drawn from government, the nonprofit and private sectors, and academia. 

These local citizens had expertise in one or more of the ten key issues that comprise this comprehensive vision for local sustainability. The ten issues are: Air, Energy, Food, Buildings and Homes, Economy, Parks, Trees and Green Space, Recycling and Waste Reduction, Social Equity, Transportation, and Water.



 Download The 2030 Vision Here

Details of the public launch, including those who expressed their support, can be found here. We are now working hard to turn this vision into a reality. Thanks to the many individuals who gave their time and shared their ideas to write this community vision for our future! To show your personal support, or the support of your organization, sign the 2030 Vision Statement of Support!

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