Sustain Charlotte mentioned in the article, has launched a petition drive urging NS and the NCRR to work with CATS to allow commuter rail onto the O line. As of Tuesday, March 23, it had more than 1,300 signatures. Continue reading

2040 plan public hearing includes wide range of opinions as council looks to late June vote

Undoubtedly, a 2040 plan initiative that would allow duplexes and triplexes on all single-family residential lots in Charlotte, and quads on arterial roads, has gotten the most attention. Meg Fencil, program director at Sustain Charlotte, said many Charlotteans can't keep up with the rising costs of housing — both apartments and for-sale homes. Continue reading

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WBTV reports Sustain Charlotte, led by founder and executive director Shannon Binns, has launched a petition in hopes of convincing Norfolk Southern to change its stance on sharing railroad tracks with the Charlotte Area Transit System — a move that would clear a hurdle for commuter rail to northern Mecklenburg County. Continue reading

Group petitions Norfolk Southern to change policy to get Lynx Red Line project back on track

Sustain Charlotte started this petition to try and change the prospects. In just a few weeks it gained more than one thousand signatures. “We can’t fit all those cars on the roads we have,” said Shannon Binns, founder and executive director of Sustain Charlotte. Continue reading

Charlotte 2040 Plan Stuck On Single-Family Zoning Issue

Hear Shannon Binns, executive director of Sustain Charlotte speak about Charlotte’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Two years in the making, it became a hot topic when it came before City Council. Continue reading

What kind of Charlotte do we want?

Every now and then we have an opportunity to demonstrate who we are, or at least, who we want to become. A chance to live our values by shaping the place we live. The Charlotte Future 2040 Plan is such an opportunity. Through this vision for the city we want to become, we will make our values clear. Continue reading

Don’t let Charlotte’s 2040 plan get derailed by a vocal, politically-connected minority

Letter to the editor, written by Shannon Binns: Charlotte City Council members and others are pushing back on the city’s 2040 plan, designed in part to make the city less segregated by income and race. One provision would eliminate single-family zoning to reduce segregation and create more affordable housing. Continue reading

'Change is happening': Discussion on Charlotte's 2040 plan continues ahead of public hearing

In the past several weeks, groups that include community organizations, real estate development groups and neighborhood homeowners associations have come out with strong opinions about the 2040 comprehensive plan. Tuesday's panel seemed largely supportive of the plan, citing its commitments to equity and inclusion. Shannon Binns, a panelist and executive director of Sustain Charlotte, authored an editorial last week in favor of the plan. Continue reading

Sustain Charlotte Launches Petition Urging Norfolk Southern to Let CATS Build Red Line

Sustain Charlotte launched a petition four days ago, which has already been signed by more than 400 people, urging Norfolk Southern CEO Mr. James Squires and North Carolina Railroad CEO Mr. Carl Warren to work with the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) to coordinate the use of the “O” Line rail corridor for the 25-mile LYNX Red Line commuter rail. Continue reading

Community Coalition Calls for Delay in Charlotte 2040 Comprehensive Plan Process

With the deadline for a vote on the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan rapidly approaching, discussions about certain elements of the plan have ratcheted up in recent weeks, many of them focused on a new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) that would allow for the building of duplexes, triplexes and quadplexes in neighborhoods currently zoned for single-family housing.  Continue reading