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As a hyperlocal charitable nonprofit with no national affiliate, we depend on the monthly financial support of local residents like you to help us fund the work we do every day to inspire choices that lead to a healthy, equitable, and vibrant community for generations to come!

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With help from people like you, we can work towards becoming a region in which everyone has the knowledge, resources, and opportunity to make choices with a clear awareness of their combined social, economic, and environmental impacts.


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  • Educating and inspiring Charlotte area citizens about the choices that lead to a healthier, more equitable, and more vibrant community for generations to come.

  • Providing critical information and opportunities for greater and more diverse citizen engagement in the decisions that shape our region’s long-term sustainability.

  • Building government, business, and grassroots support for public policies and best practices that further social equity, sustainable use of our natural resources, and economic prosperity for all.

  • Bringing together Charlotte’s government, business, nonprofit, and academic leaders to work together towards Charlotte 2030 – the regional sustainability vision we launched in 2010.

Member Testimonials

"Sustain Charlotte has been doing a better job raising awareness and organizing action around sustainability issues more than any other single organization in the area." - Allen Nelson

"I enjoy being part of the community and looking for new ways to improve it; I believe being part of Sustain Charlotte helps me meet that goal." - Ivonne Hernandez

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  • Bridgette Todd
    commented 2016-12-08 13:31:36 -0500
    I’d like to increase my monthly contribution. How do I update my donor records?
  • Charlotte Lindsey
    commented 2016-08-27 14:51:31 -0400
    This is great! would love to get involved. <3
  • Kent Clow
    commented 2016-03-23 15:12:21 -0400
    I live in the Steele Creek area and am 5 miles from work. There are no bikes, very minimal, that can get me safely to and from the office. I would love to see dedicated bike lanes all over the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.
  • Tim Wayne
    published this page in Ways to Give 2014-09-22 21:29:25 -0400