Monthly Bike Update: How does social distancing affect biking?

Hello, Fellow Social Distancing Cyclists!  As you all know, March has been like no other month in our lifetime as current events have been reshaping our world every few days. In this update, we’re sharing some information on bicycling during these crazy times and updates around Charlotte concerning our work and event postponements and rescheduling.  Is it safe to ride outside? Continue reading

Mecklenburg County aims to have a zero-carbon fleet by 2030. Here's how.

Last month we shared an update on how Mecklenburg County's leaders are considering a plan to achieve a zero-carbon goal for County-owned facilities by 2030. Now we're sharing how they plan to do the same for the County's fleet of vehicles. The information and figures shown here were presented at the March 6 Board of County Commisioners (BOCC) Environmental Stewardship meeting.  Solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations could help the County achieve a zero-carbon fleet. By far, the largest source (86 percent) of greenhouse gas emissions from County operations occurs as a result of electricity and natural gas usage in buildings and facilities. As shown below, approximately 15 percent of emissions are caused by the use of fleet vehicles that run on gasoline and diesel.  Continue reading

We're 10 years old!

In late 2007, Shannon Binns moved to Charlotte after spending a decade living in major cities--Washington D.C., New York City, and Seattle--that he could easily navigate on public transportation. After 10 years of living without a car, he found himself unable to navigate Charlotte without a car.  Continue reading

Why (and how) should Charlotte make space for buses?

By Tarik Kiley, Transit Coalition Coordinator Have you ever thought about how Charlotte could make more room for buses? Sustain Charlotte hosted a Grow Smart CLT event on March 11 to discuss improving access to high-quality bus service. Attendees mingled over refreshments before presentations by Meg Fencil, Sustain Charlotte’s program director, and Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) senior planner Jason Lawrence. Continue reading

5 things you should know about transit in the Charlotte area this month

Attending the Metropolitan Transit Committee (MTC) meeting is always interesting, and last Wednesday's meeting was full of timely updates. What important developments in the world of Charlotte-Mecklenburg transit should you know about? We've got the scoop for you!  Continue reading

Partner Post: Top 7 Green Initiatives Charlotte’s Co-Living Leader Put on The Map

by Shannon Roberts, Charlotte Community Room Rental Sustain Charlotte's Gold Partner Charlotte Community Room Rental redefines co-living to give residents a unique, sophisticated lifestyle. Residents thrive in a community that’s making healthy choices with long-lasting social, economic, and environmental impacts. Not only does the community flourish, but it’s leading Charlotte in green initiatives to sustain the community for generations to come. Here are seven ways that Charlotte Community Room Rental is leading the way in sustainability! Continue reading

Mecklenburg County is working to achieve zero-carbon buildings. Here's how.

At the February 11 Environmental Stewardship Committee meeting, Mecklenburg County's Energy Manager reviewed the current carbon footprint of the County's buildings and how they'll achieve zero-carbon status by 2030.  Continue reading

Letter to City Council: $50M for Safer, Healthier, Community-Building Transportation

We sent this letter to the Charlotte City Council and City Manager Jones on January 14, 2020, requesting they budget $50M over the next two years to make the city safer for biking, walking, and accessing public transportation. Continue reading

Charlotte Will Begin Work On A Strategic Mobility Plan

Last Monday's introduction of the upcoming Strategic Mobility Plan was the most important item on the agenda for City Council's Transportation, Planning, and Environment Committee. This mobility plan will not only incorporate existing plans like Charlotte WALKS, Charlotte BIKES, and Vision Zero, but it will be more intentional about how the integration of transit occurs. Continue reading

Madrid is prioritizing people over cars. Could it work in Charlotte?

There's a famous old saying: "You can take the transportation advocate out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the transportation advocate." Ok, not exactly famous. I just made it up. But when you're really passionate about improving the city you call home, you can't help but notice transportation innovations when you travel. Here's what I found during my vacation in Madrid, Spain. Clearly delineated lanes for mass transit Madrid has a network of lanes just for buses and taxis. Continue reading