Meet the Intern: Shivani Kotikalapudi

My name is Shivani Kotikalapudi and I am currently a rising senior at Marvin Ridge High School. Continue reading

Ensure Glass Bottles & Jars Are Recycled Properly: Find a Big Yellow Bin!

Glass is difficult and costly to effectively separate from other recyclable materials like cardboard at recycling centers. Therefore, Mecklenburg County Solid Waste prefers residents bring their separated glass bottles and jars to one of their full service drop off centers. At those drop off sites, large yellow dumpsters have been clearly marked “Clean Glass Only”. When full, these non-contaminated, glass-only loads can be taken directly to glass processors to be easily recycled into new glass. Continue reading

Mobility Transformation Is Needed Sooner, Not Later

Our Challenge Charlotte’s explosive growth continues. We support sustainable growth that ensures the Charlotte area is a great place to live and work for all. But our traditional growth pattern – low-density and heavily auto-centric — is not sustainable for the generations who will live and work here in the years ahead and has made living here difficult for many today. Continue reading

Meet the Intern: Kate Pottle

My name is Kate Pottle, and I am a rising junior at Davidson College. I am majoring in Environmental studies and potentially minoring in Public Health.  Continue reading

Meet the Intern: Lilliana Sandoval

¡Buenas! My name is Lilliana Sandoval, I am a rising junior at Davidson College in North Carolina. I am majoring in Environmental Studies on a Natural Science Track and minoring in Latin American Studies. I am Latina, my family is from Nayarit, Mexico, and I am proud to say I am a first-generation college student. I am proud of my culture, and I express it through music and personal style. I have ganas — a willingness to put in the work. When I am not working I enjoy going for a run on the trails or dancing at home. I value family a lot. Continue reading

Charlotte adopts groundbreaking Comprehensive Plan

On June 21, 2021 the Charlotte 2040 Comprehensive Plan was approved by Charlotte City Council by a 6-5 vote with all of the critical policies and goals we were advocating for intact!  Continue reading

Council approves record transportation funding

If you haven't heard the good news yet, this week City Council approved their budget that includes record-high amounts of funding for projects to support equitable neighborhoods, safer streets for walking and biking, and Vision Zero. Several key bonds will now go on the ballot for 2022, which would provide the following amounts over two years: Continue reading

What does Building a Better City look like to you?

2021 is a critical year for Charlotte’s future. How we grow for the next twenty years is being decided as we speak and the decisions being made around the 2040 plan will impact every Charlotte area resident's quality of life for generations to come. Continue reading

City to begin land use planning around future Silver Line light rail

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is taking a look at Transit Oriented Development (TOD) along the proposed Lynx Silver Line. TOD is essentially the economic development that occurs adjacent to a high-frequency public transit line--in this case, the Silver Line light rail. For the past year and a half, the Silver Line team has worked to define the Locally Preferred Alternative including station areas. Now, CATS is  focusing on planning TOD along the alignment. Continue reading

Beyond 77: It's not just about cars

There's a lot going on this summer with transportation and land use in Charlotte -- and across our region!  Today we're digging into one of three planning processes that were shared by staff at Monday's City Council Transportation, Planning, and Environment (TPE) Committee meeting. Over the next few weeks, we'll share blog posts about the Connect Beyond regional transit planning process and the Silver Line Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Study. Slides from the TPE meeting presentations on all three topics can be viewed here. Join us today for the first deep dive as we take a closer look at I-77. Yes, it's an interstate that moves a lot of cars and freight. But it has the potential to do so much more! We're about to go...Beyond 77.  Continue reading