Who We Are

Sustain Charlotte is a nonprofit organization helping to advance a region-wide sustainability movement by serving as a catalyst for change. Our mission is to inspire choices that lead to healthy, equitable and vibrant communities across the Charlotte metro region for generations to come.

In 2014, Charlotte Magazine named Sustain Charlotte a Charlottean of the Year, and "One of Seven Charities Worth Your Dollar."

Our dedicated staff, board members and volunteers work collaboratively with local neighborhood organizations, government agencies, nonprofits and businesses to address the most important challenges to the long-term social, economic, and environmental health of our community.

To learn more about who we are and how we are having major impacts in Greater Charlotte please visit the links below: 


 What do our community leaders think about Sustain Charlotte?

"Sustain Charlotte is addressing a critical community need by raising awareness of how we achieve community sustainability, uniting citizens around these solutions, and collaborating with government and business leaders to achieve positive results."

– Former Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts

“Sustain Charlotte has been an invaluable partner.” 

- Former Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter

“You are making a difference and affecting change.” 

- Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham

 “Sustain Charlotte is playing a crucial role in bringing leaders in the Charlotte Region together to discuss how to preserve our city’s unique quality of life, 

which has helped our city attract and retain business.” 

- Olee Joel Olsen, President, O2 Energies, Inc

"Our Urban Design Program at UNCC aims to teach future urban designers and planners about how cities can grow and prosper while also becoming more sustainable. Sustain Charlotte not only has been an important asset as a local resource but it has also helped demonstrate that local efforts can have important impacts."

– José Gamez, Ph.D., Associate Director , School of Architecture, UNC-Charlotte

“Sustain Charlotte has been a valuable partner in our community – helping neighborhoods develop action plans to reduce their environmental impacts. 
Their broad vision helps move our community to sustainability.” 

– Tom Warshauer, Assistant Director, Community Engagement, City of Charlotte 

"I have been impressed with the efforts of Sustain Charlotte to bring many different people and organizations in our community together to identify and implement solutions that improve our city's sustainability. Some things that Sustain Charlotte is doing, saying, and being, in our community are things that we don’t have another group out there able to be, do and say. So to me, Sustain Charlotte is an important voice for not only the environment, but for the lifestyle that all of us hope to have in this community long-term. And I hope Sustain Charlotte continues to Sustain.”

– US Secretary of Transportation + Former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx

"Sustain Charlotte is committed to helping Charlotte and this region make smart, balanced decisions about our environment. Shannon and his team have been a solid resource to area policy makers and staff. We need more committed citizen lead groups like Sustain Charlotte that work to find solutions to our thriving and growing community.”

– Edwin Peacock, Former Charlotte City Council Member 

“As an elected official, I really appreciate the work that Sustain Charlotte does. They bring an expertise, and a knowledge base, that helps extend what we have to do and what we have to understand everyday and every way in keeping Charlotte on track to be the kind of high quality community that [makes] people want to continue to come here. And being a sustainable community is going to be a big contributor to that.” 

– Charlotte City Council Member and Environment Committee Chair John Autry

“Why support Sustain Charlotte by your participation and donation? Because you and I care that our community be better educated about rising sustainability concerns and actions citizens can take; that leaders benefit from cutting edge information and high quality debate; and that our businesses, government and citizens unite to create the most sustainable metropolis.” 

– Nancy Carter, Mecklenburg County Soil & Water Conservation District Chair, Former Charlotte City Council Member

"Sustain Charlotte is a great model for similar transportation and sustainability outreach groups in the state. They've done a phenomenal job raising awareness and leadership in such a short period of time." 

– Lauren Blackburn, Former Director, NCDOT Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation

"You and the team did an outstanding job with your 2014 Community Sustainability Awards!! Thanks for including me. I was very impressed by the number of young professionals attending. I have hope!!"

– Jim Garges, Former Director, Mecklenburg County Park and Rec

“We are a fortunate city to have such an organization in place. Shannon is a great visionary and a proven leader pulling our community together to support any and all aspects of sustainability. 
I support Sustain Charlotte because of its exceptional ability to bring all facets of our environmental community under one tent. How I love this tent!”

– Connie Harris, Charlotte Citizen and Sustain Charlotte Member

“I support Sustain Charlotte because its approach is solution oriented and holistic. It engages all appropriate and affected parties, i.e. residents, government, business, and other nonprofit organization.”

– Jamal Jordan, Huntersville Citizen and Sustain Charlotte Member

"I had the pleasure of serving on the board of Sustain Charlotte, in which Shannon Binns is the Founder/Executive Director. Shannon has been a visionary leader for community sustainability in our region for several years now. He brings the knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas that enable people to realize the postive effects of being foward-thinking and civic minded in regards to economic growth, social equity and other important issues that make our neighborhoods vital. Shannon passionately speaks on his deep convictions on strengthening our community through efforts that are designed to produce healthy, measurable and lasting change. His colleagues, staff and board members support and respect Shannon; and he continues to empower, advocate and hold our community leaders accountable to the values we've expressed as important. “

– Sherry Waters-Wilson, Publisher/Seed Sower, The Koinoiah Magazine 
Development Officer, Supportive Housing Communities"

 "What Sustain Charlotte is doing for Charlotte and Mecklenburg County is extremely important."

- W. Lee Jones, Division Director, Capital Planning Services, Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation Department

“There’s no better or more effective organization in Charlotte dedicated to enhancing the health, environment, and quality of life for the city and the region. NRDC is proud to partner with Sustain Charlotte on its local initiatives.” 

- Rob Perks, National Transportation Advocacy Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

"Sustain Charlotte works tirelessly to ensure that local leaders, businesses and citizens receive accurate, scientifically sound and unbiased information involving local environmental conditions and issues."

- Shawn Greeson, M.Ed., Mecklenburg County Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor

Foundation Supporters:

Our work is generously supported by the foundations and businesses below.

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation • Wells Fargo • TransitCenter  • OrthoCarolina • Duke Energy Foundation • Parsec Financial • Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Foundation • People For Bikes  • Blumenthal Foundation

We are a proud member of the 1% for the Planet Network.


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