Why More Cyclists Are Dying Due to Motor Vehicle Accidents: A Deeper Dive Into Bicyclist Fatalities

Our Bike + Walk Program Coordinator, Eric Zaverl was interviewed in this article from Safety.com. 

By Jalesa Campbell, Safety.com

"We talked with Eric Zaverl, Bike + Walk Program Coordinator, for Sustain Charlotte, and he made some very interesting points about making the roads safer for bicyclists. When asked if Charlotte was a bike-friendly city, he said, “No,” and explained that the streets in Charlotte are “not connected,” meaning that there are fragmented areas across the metropolitan area designed for safer bike-riding. He mentioned that oftentimes, bicycle safety is not something that’s top of mind for commuters and that they’re more concerned with getting from Point A to Point B.

"As a suggestion, Zaverl urges residents to show their support, which first requires knowing who’s on the ballot for elections, what they’re supporting, and how their initiatives are beneficial. Sustain Charlotte works to help make changes that benefit the community, and transit a large part. Zaverl also noted that changes shouldn’t only be made to benefit cyclists, but all commuters."

Read the full article here

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