Source: Sustain Charlotte's 2014 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Sustainability Report Card



Key Fact

On average, each resident of Mecklenburg County throws away roughly three pounds of solid “waste” per day. Combined with waste from businesses and construction, 1.5 million tons of materials went to the landfill in 2008 at a cost of over $37 million in tipping fees alone.

Our Vision for Waste

By 2030, we envision a region in which...

  • All municipalities in the region have achieved or nearly achieved Zero Waste; substantially reducing the need for waste disposal.
  • The region is recognized nationally/internationally for its Zero Waste practices and policies.
  • Citizens understand the importance and have the means to easily reduce, reuse, and recycle what they currently throw away.
  • Citizens are educated about the hazards of electronic and other types of hazardous waste currently being discarded in landfills, and safely recycling them is as convenient as throwing them away.
  • All event waste is recycled or composted rather than disposed.
  • All organic waste is recycled either by separate collection or home/on-site composting.
  • Community gardens are present in every neighborhood providing a local use for compost made from household and restaurant organic discards.
  • Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is widely adopted to help reduce the burden of waste management on residents and municipalities.

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