It's no surprise to anyone who drives to and from work each day that congestion on Charlotte area roads is increasing. But you may be surprised by the variety of commuting options that are available!

We'll engage your employees through interactive exercises including mapping a transit route between work and home on their phones and learning to use online maps to plot a safe walking or bicycling route. They'll learn:

1. How Charlotte's transportation network stacks up to cities of similar size across the United States.

2. How small changes in our travel to work, school, shopping, and other destinations can lead to big impacts on their health, finances, and happiness.

3. Practical ways to replace some (or all!) of your hours behind the wheel with walking, bicycling, or public transit. 

This lunch & learn includes a consultation to discuss practical ways to encourage sustainable commuting for your employees.

Email to discuss how we can help you.

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