Partner Post: Top 7 Green Initiatives Charlotte’s Co-Living Leader Put on The Map

by Shannon Roberts, Charlotte Community Room Rental

Sustain Charlotte's Gold Partner Charlotte Community Room Rental redefines co-living to give residents a unique, sophisticated lifestyle. Residents thrive in a community that’s making healthy choices with long-lasting social, economic, and environmental impacts. Not only does the community flourish, but it’s leading Charlotte in green initiatives to sustain the community for generations to come.

Here are seven ways that Charlotte Community Room Rental is leading the way in sustainability!

1. Water leak detection devices


According to the EPA, US households lose 1 trillion gallons of water annually due to waste and leaks. Each Charlotte Community Room Rental home is equipped with Pani Smart Water Monitors, which are connected home devices that track water usage and detect leaks, by individual fixtures in real-time. Useful tracking data and elements of gamification helps both tenants and owners become more water-wise, which benefits the planet and the bottom line.

2. Landscaping to Save Energy


The landscapes of the homes are photo-ready, but they’re also energy efficient. Community Room Rental plants deciduous trees on south and west sides of the houses. In summer, the leaves create shade to cool off the house. In winter, bare branches allow sunlight to pass for added warmth.

3. Minimalistic Parking


With four to six residents per home, parking can feel like a game of Tetris. Each house improvises to keep the green, green. See here how this house takes advantage of the large cul-de-sac and parks perpendicular to the house. The rest of the cul-de-sac even followed their lead! This is critical to our low-impact guideline.  Maximize the use of existing space while simultaneously supporting walkability.

4. Walkability and Public Transportation


When a city grows, the first thought is often to create more roads and parking spaces. Instead of expanding the carbon footprint, Community Room Rental is strategic in location. Each home is five minutes from public transportation as well as the expanding greenways. Residents can leave the car at home and walk, bike, or even roller blade as they explore all that Charlotte has to offer. After all, all houses also have a free bike shed for residents to safely store and lock their two-wheeled machines.  They get a breath of fresh air without burning fuel.

5. Smart Lighting


Lighting is put into residents’ hands, literally. With smart phones, they have full control of how and when lighting is being used. For instance, if someone is returning home late, there’s no need to leave the porch light on for hours on end. When they return, it’s lit at the touch of their fingers.

6. Smart Appliances


Living in a home means using appliances daily to be sustained. Each home is equipped with over 40 Energy Star label products, including major appliances such as light fixtures and thermostats. When something breaks, it’s upgraded to the more efficient option available.

Fans are also used to conserve power. In the summer, the fans spin counterclockwise and thermostats are set to a higher temperature to save up to 40% on cooling resources. In winter, the fans switch to spinning clockwise to save 10% on heating.

7. Painting Interiors


At first look, you may think that these houses only had style in mind, but a lot more planning goes on behind the scenes. Bright rooms with light walls and ceilings reflect more light. There’s no need for high-wattage light bulbs in these homes.

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