The Build Episode 44: Stretch

Shannon Binns tells the story of Sustain Charlotte on The Build.

By The Build

Managing change isn’t always easy. For industrial engineer and climate change policy expert Shannon Binns, the need to manage change became apparent when he moved to fast-growing Charlotte, North Carolina and observed a major lack of planning in the city’s sustainable growth plans.

This observation inspired Shannon to start a journey of a thousand one-on-one conversations with locals about how the region was planning to handle a surge in population, business, and development. Sustain Charlotte was formed and the company quickly turned into the promise for a sustainable future in one of America’s fastest-growing metros. It’s the story of Sustain Charlotte on The Build.

Key Takeaways
[1:32] All about Charlotte, North Carolina through the eyes of Shannon Binns.
[4:33] Thinking about sustainability in one of America’s fastest-growing metros.
[7:47] Turning a hobby concept into a team-run organization on a mission.
[14:53] Funding a grant, membership, and consultation hybrid business model.
[17:34] Upholding the original vision of Sustain Charlotte while navigating the company’s growth.
[20:41] Natural demographic shifts that support the mission of Sustain Charlotte.
[23:06] Playing the consequence-free convener role for a wide variety of stakeholders.
[25:40] Conservation vs. sustainability and helping businesses understand the implications of both.
[28:37] Looking ahead to the smart-growth future of Sustain Charlotte.
[31:29] Starting up a similar effort in any community starts with one-on-one conversations.

Listen here.

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