Sustain Charlotte supports program that will help city reach its 2030 Strategic Energy Action Plan goal

Last night our Director of Engagement & Impact Meg Fencil spoke at the public hearing for the city’s entry into Duke Energy’s Green Source Advantage Bridge program. Charlotte City Council then voted to enter into an agreement to support the creation of a solar farm project that will bring the City within 19% of reaching its 2030 Strategic Energy Action Plan goal of zero-carbon municipal buildings! We will continue advocating for climate-friendly energy and transportation investments. Today we pause to celebrate and congratulate the many advocates, government staff, and our elected officials who made this momentous investment a reality! 

Below, please find Meg's remarks to City Council. 

Good evening, City Council members, Mayor Lyles, and members of staff,

My name is Meg Fencil and I’m speaking on behalf of Sustain Charlotte, a nonprofit organization advocating for sustainable and equitable growth and transportation choices. 

Tonight I’m here asking you to be champions of transitioning Charlotte to a clean energy future for the health of our current and future residents by approving the City’s entry into Duke Energy’s Green Source Advantage Bridge program to develop the South Davidson Solar Project. 

Investment in this solar farm will produce enough renewable energy to power 13,535 homes,  or the greenhouse gas emissions reduction equivalent to taking 23,911 cars off the road.

Alongside other nonprofit organizations and resident advocates, we worked for the past 6 years to support the City’s effort to first adopt a Clean Energy Resolution, followed by the adoption of the Strategic Energy Action Plan, or SEAP. 

As Sustain Charlotte continues to advocate for investment in sustainable transportation choices and a more walkable city in which we don’t need to be overly reliant on vehicles for our daily trips, we also support investments that support a healthy and economically vibrant built environment. 

Adoption of the SEAP and its subsequent implementation by dedicated city staff across departments has elevated Charlotte’s position as a leader in piloting, investing in, and leveraging partnerships to advance the use of renewable energy and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. 

The South Davidson Solar Project under GSA Bridge is projected to bring the city within 19 percent of achieving the SEAP 2030 zero carbon buildings goal. The economy and environment of the Charlotte region will benefit as we invest in an energy source that not only mitigates our climate impacts, but also will help make us more economically resilient by diversifying our regional energy grid. 

With continued investment in clean renewable energy, we can move away from burning fossil fuels and end the estimated 350,000 premature deaths in the U.S. each year that are caused or worsened by combustion-related air pollution. Our most vulnerable residents -- children, the elderly, low-income residents, and communities of color-- are disproportionately impacted by air pollution and are most vulnerable to negative health and economic impacts of the climate crisis. 

Please support this project and additional investments to put Charlotte on track  to meet the SEAP 2030 zero-carbon buildings goal!

Thank you.

Read a copy of the letter we signed and CleanAIRE NC submitted on behalf of individuals and organizations expressing our strong support for the City of Charlotte's entry into Duke Energy's Green Source Advantage Bridge program to approve the development of the proposed South Davidson Solar Project. 


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