Sustain Charlotte releases 2030 vision plan

CHARLOTTE -- Sustain Charlotte announced its vision plan Monday to keep the region sustainable for decades to come. It focuses on the environment, economics and equality.

“We're here to declare sustainability is a global imperative,” said Shannon Binns, the executive director of Sustain Charlotte. Our mission is to inform, inspire and advance sustainability in the Charlotte region.”

2030 Vision is a 10-point plan to address the needs of tomorrow, today.

“What sustainability really means is meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. it really looks at economic development, social equity and environmental protection,” said Binns

Dan Roe, with Global Electric Electronic Processing, was at the kickoff collecting old cell phones, computers and more.

“There's harmful metals in electronics so we really don't want them in landfills,” said Roe. “Two percent of landfills is electronics and they can make up to 70 percent of the toxins.

Supporters turned in their old electronics and Roe's company will recycle them.

“We can make new electronics, get them back into manufacturing, we can make anything out of commodities,” said Roe.

Sustain Charlotte is a true grassroots campaign trying to link together different groups to focus on the one mission.

“You can never have too much advocacy for things our community needs long term,” said Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx.

“Sustainability is an all hands on deck type of thing. If we're continuing to work individually we'll never achieve the type of things we need to be sustainable,” said Binns.



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