Sustain Charlotte founder on why city must raise the bar on smart growth

Our Executive Director, Shannon Binns, was interviewed in The Charlotte Business Journal about a letter he wrote to the Charlotte City Council and City Manager Jones on January 14, 2020, requesting they budget $50M over the next two years to make the city safer for biking, walking, and accessing public transportation.

By Erik Spanberg, Charlotte Business Journal

What ails Charlotte ails most American cities: too many cars, too much traffic, too little mobility for those who don’t own a car and, most concerning, a combination of too much pollution from all of those idling cars. Add in Charlotte’s dismal national rankings for access to safe, connected walking and cycling routes and you have, as Shannon Binns put it in a recent letter to city government leaders, a place that is “almost impossible to get around using our own bodies.”

Read the full story here.


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