Shannon Binns of Sustain Charlotte one of few to be part of Charlotte city budget talks

(By Bora Kim, WCNC)

City leaders said they have received numerous e-mails and calls about the proposed budget cuts and taxes, but when it was time to speak up about it, only five people showed up.

Of the people who did take the podium, they spoke on behalf of several interests.

Shannon Binns of Sustain Charlotte asked the council to seriously consider a "pay-as-you-throw" program over a fixed garbage fee and tax hike.

"This approach isn't only economically efficient, but it is also more equitable in that those who choose to reduce their waste are not subsidizing those who choose not to do so," he said.

Binns says the system would generate $17 million in annual revenues, with an additional $2 million in tipping fees, enough to mostly cover the city's shortfall.

"It's more transparent and gives residents more control over the costs of waste services, that they are able to save money by the choices they make at home," he said.

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