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Achieving community sustainability is a complex challenge requiring a comprehensive and community-wide approach.  

Sustain Charlotte is playing a critical role by bringing together citizens and organizations across our region who are doing great work but too often working in silos.  Through our education initiatives and regular events, we are not only elevating awareness of our shared challenges, but also fostering collaborative solution-building among citizens, local governments, businesses, and other nonprofits around the region.  No other organization is meeting this crucial need.  

We invite you to become a part of our network of support so that we may continue to be this catalyst for solving our shared sustainability challenges.  

So that we may continue connecting and inspiring citizens to make the kind of choices that will ensure the kind of future we all want for our children and grandchildren.  Below are ways you and/or your organization can support Sustain Charlotte today, and be part of the solution. 


Our membership program provides an opportunity for individuals to demonstrate their support for Sustain Charlotte's mission and be a part of our growing network of local citizens who want to help create a healthier, more vibrant local community.  Please click here to learn more about becoming a Sustain Charlotte Member.


Partnerships provide an effective means for companies and organizations to deepen their relationships with the community and demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future for our region.  In return, partners receive year-round brand exposure, positive publicity, and business development opportunities. Please click here to learn more about the benefits of being a Sustain Charlotte Partner.


Each year we seek sponsors for our Charlotte Sustainability Awards, Charlotte Sustainability Summit, Biketoberfest, and other events. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in learning more about our current sponsorship opportunities.


We welcome in-kind donations of services and products that help us fulfill our mission.  In particular, we are always in need of food and drink for the many public events we organize as well as a range of professional services.  Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in making an in-kind donation.


Please complete our online application form if you are interested in volunteering and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you.


Check out this link to see if we currently have any open positions!

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