RELEASE: Stroll and Roll Plaza Midwood Petition Presented at Citizens Forum


March 7, 2017


Stroll and Roll Plaza Midwood Petition Presented at Citizens Forum

Community leaders ask City Council for immediate safety improvements on The Plaza and Central Avenue   


7  March 2017 — Concerned neighbors and community leaders asked for safer street design along The Plaza and Central Avenue by presenting Charlotte's City Council with the Stroll and Roll Plaza Midwood petition Monday night.

This petition has broad and growing support with nearly 1,000 residents having already signed it and the Commonwealth-Morningside, Chantilly, Belmont, Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood neighborhood associations each endorsing it as well.

“A Complete Street design will promote and encourage the use of alternative transportation by providing an easy cycling route to uptown, better access to existing bus stops, and connectivity to the Cross Charlotte Trail and street car system” Stroll and Roll Plaza Midwood Chair Renee Bradley told City Council,  “Vehicle congestion will be reduced only when people are given the option to choose other modes of transportation.”

Father and Plaza Midwood resident Steven Talevski said, “Getting across this street [The Plaza] means exposing yourself to surprisingly high-speed traffic through a residential area that often sports numerous people walking to and from stores, kids out and about, parents with strollers and people on bicycles and tricycles, all on narrow sidewalks with no way to get across this main street.  As a father of 2 young children I personally experienced close calls while strolling my babies.”

Kate Cavazza of Sustain Charlotte reiterated and supported the requests made in the Stroll and Roll petition and urged City Council to consider this project as a complement to preliminary plans to pursue a road diet on Parkwood Avenue.  

Sustain Charlotte fully supports the Stroll and Roll petition and stands with communities seeking to improve the safety of their neighborhood streets for all motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and transit users.


Renee Bradley

Stroll and Roll Plaza Midwood Chair

Phone: 704-975-3816

Email: [email protected]


Sustain Charlotte is a nonprofit organization working to advance a region-wide sustainability movement by serving as a catalyst for change. Our mission is to inspire choices that lead to a healthy, equitable and vibrant community for generations to come.  For more information visit


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