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These positions seem to only be considering the impact of scooters or bikes on streets, especially the argument that we keep business and taxation rules similar to those for cars. But a far larger difference in infrastructure exists for parking. In the USA we have built 5 parking spaces for every registered motor vehicle — the 4 spaces away from home allow you to drive to places and be reasonably certain there is a space waiting. But we have less than far less bicycle parking in our community. CDOT surveys say 65% of Charlotte households have at least one bike, which means at least 300,000 bicycles. I doubt the city has even 30,000 public bike parking spaces (= 0.1 away-from-home space per bike). I suspect there are already more dockless things in Uptown than there are public bike parking spaces. The dearth of bike/scooter parking in Charlotte could justify the taxing of new businesses and for setting limits on their number of rented vehicles. Otherwise someday I may ride my bike to the local library and find the rack filled by business-owned vehicles — a scenario unlikely to occur if I drive a car.