Riding a bike around Charlotte sucks. Is it too late to fix it?

By: Andrew Dunn (Charlotte Agenda)

Have you ever tried to actually get somewhere in Charlotte on a bicycle?

Sure, there are plenty of shaded greenways and quiet streets to get in a cycling workout. But what about using a bike as transportation, to get to work or to go shopping or to get from one part of town to another?

The result: Frustration.

But the biggest one of all is a lack of connectivity. Bike lanes end abruptly, with seemingly no logic to them.

“We call them ‘orphan bike lanes,'” says Shannon Binns, executive director of Sustain Charlotte. “The big thing we need in Charlotte is a network.”

One of the most impactful priorities is creating a map identifying gaps in bike corridors by the end of 2018. Then around $3.3 million per year would go toward closing those gaps.

“We’re at the start of a paradigm shift in how we think about bicycle planning,” Binns said.

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