PRESS RELEASE: Charlotte Regional Transportation Coalition to Launch Dec 9


Charlotte Regional Transportation Coalition To Launch December 9,
Focused on Equitable Mobility

Sustain Charlotte has organized a group of community leaders and organizations to create The
Charlotte Regional Transportation Coalition (CRTC), an active network committed to ensuring
the future of transportation in the Charlotte area is equitable and sustainable for all people in the

CRTC’s regional focus is a recognition of transportation’s role in improving community quality
of life and expert recommendations that connect good transportation options to economic
mobility. The organization’s theme is “Connecting Now for The Future.”

The work of the Coalition will be centered around advocating for better work-life transportation
options across all modes of transportation, including better connections for pedestrians, transit
riders, and bicyclists. The Coalition aims to encourage equitable public transit investments and
influence decision-makers to deliver on their ambitious transportation goals.

On Wednesday, December 9, 2020, at noon, CRTC will host a virtual launch event to introduce
itself to the community. To keep friends and neighbors safe, the event will be a virtual talk show
format that promises to be the most fun Zoom meeting of your week. Participants will learn more
about CRTC, hear from community leaders and neighbors, enjoy a poetry performance, play
virtual games, win prizes, and more. Register at

CRTC’s membership is growing steadily. So far, it includes around 20 neighborhood
organizations, faith groups, and other allies throughout the region total. Some of these groups
• CharlotteEAST
• West Blvd Neighborhood Coalition
• North End Community Coalition
• North Mecklenburg Economic Mobility Collaborative
• Monroe Road Advocates
• Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Social Justice Ministry
• The American Heart Association

CRTC is currently seeking new members to get involved and help to build the coalition.
Access to public transportation is a critical issue for all residents across all demographics. The
ability to travel easily to places such as work, healthcare providers, and other desirable
destinations is essential. For many, the ability to move around can represent mobility--both
literally and economically. However, the public transit system in the Charlotte region has many
gaps that hinder the ability to travel quickly and cost-effectively.

Shannon Binns, Sustain Charlotte Executive Director, is excited to take this next step and engage
the broader community in these critical conversations. “The time is now. The path forward is
getting designed, whether you are in the room or not. The CRTC allows our residents to engage
and be heard so that the future is designed for all residents.” It’s important that folks who live on
the Westside, Eastside, and Northside of Charlotte, sometimes referred to as The Arc or The
Crescent areas, and those who live in the region have a voice and that their voices are built into
these plans.

CRTC is recruiting energized residents to bring ideas, promote the message, and “Connect Now
for Our Future.” To learn more about CRTC and to RSVP for the CRTC Virtual Launch Party,
visit and/or email Tarik Kiley at [email protected] with
any additional questions.

Sustain Charlotte
Charlotte Regional Transportation Coalition
Phone Number: (704) 449-0581
For Media Inquiries:
Tarik Kiley
[email protected]

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