OpenStreets704 happening September 30th

Kate Cavazza was interviewed on Charlotte Today to promote OpenStreets704. Continue reading

Sustain Charlotte to Hold Fourth Annual Biketoberfest

By Charlotte Stories  Sustain Charlotte started this event in 2015 as a fun way to promote biking for transportation to Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents. Last year almost 600 people attended and we had 100 volunteers! Not only does bicycling for transportation promote a healthier lifestyle, but it also reduces transportation costs as well as air pollution and carbon emissions. Continue reading

Transit ridership is falling in Charlotte. Could Lyft and Uber give it a boost?

By Ely Portillo Since the Charlotte Area Transit System and ride-hailing platform Lyft launched a pilot program in April offering discounted rides to and from light-rail stations, fewer than 100 riders have taken advantage of the deal. But that’s OK, CATS officials say. The pilot program runs through December, and officials are studying how and whether to expand it after that as they gain insight into how riders might use services like Uber and Lyft to get to transit. Continue reading

Riding a bike around Charlotte sucks. Is it too late to fix it?

By: Andrew Dunn (Charlotte Agenda) Have you ever tried to actually get somewhere in Charlotte on a bicycle? Sure, there are plenty of shaded greenways and quiet streets to get in a cycling workout. But what about using a bike as transportation, to get to work or to go shopping or to get from one part of town to another? The result: Frustration. Continue reading

Charlotte Talks: Are bikes and scooters a fad, or a new era for transportation?

By: Chris Miller (WFAE) Dockless bicycles and scooters are everywhere. They're as popular as they are seemingly unregulated. Is free-range biking and scooter-sharing part of the future of transportation? Mike Collins examines what's driving the massive growth of the industry, and what it means for the future of getting around. Guests: Kate Cavazza, bike program manager, Sustain Charlotte Continue reading

Earth in Mind

By: Mark Peres (On Life and Meaning podcast) In this episode: Shannon explains the mission and work of Sustain Charlotte. He defines what sustainability means to him. He shares what gets in the way of sustainability and the benefits of long-term thinking. He addresses whether an unregulated free market is the best mechanism for addressing present and future needs. Shannon discusses smart growth and the costs and benefits of new modes of travel. He talks about why Sustain Charlotte is necessary. He addresses the symbolism of becoming a low-carbon city. He reveals what's on his mind as a leader of the organization.  Shannon describes his childhood in Iowa and the irony of his family business. He talks about a teenage trait he still has to this day. He shares what changed in his life when he studied abroad. He details his humanitarian work after college and managing the work emotionally. Shannon identifies the book that most influenced him and his career. He shares a period of depression and what brought hope and optimism back to his life. He answers what motivated him to start Sustain Charlotte. He talks about Crystal Tayara and Edie Binns. Shannon reveals the values he carries in his wallet and what he wants his to be about. Continue reading

Charlotte's recycling 'is broken'. Could your plastic, paper be headed for a landfill?

By: Steve Harrison (Charlotte Observer) Last month, the city of Lincolnton near Charlotte stopped its recycling program, and residents began throwing their glass, plastic bottles and cardboard into their garbage. The city's recycling contractor, Sonoco, could no longer find a home for the reusable waste — a problem seen nationwide, and in Charlotte, because the market for recyclables has collapsed. Read more here: Continue reading

Stakeholder process led to unanimous vote on sustainability resolution

By: Rhiannon Fionn (Creative Loafing) When Shannon Binns launched Sustain Charlotte in 2009, like many activists who've come before and after him, he felt unheard by local government. For him, the path forward for any city wishing to sustain itself is clear, and it's built upon three pillars: economic, environmental and social. "They must be in balance," Binns said. On June 25, the city of Charlotte took a step toward the balance that Binns has preached about for nearly a decade. By unanimous vote, the "Sustainable and Resilient Charlotte by 2050 Resolution" was adopted.   Continue reading

Charlotte Talks: City Sets Climate Change Goals. Are They Doable?

By: Mike Collins (WFAE) Can Charlotte city reduce its carbon emissions from 12 tons a year to just 2 by 2050? That's the goal set this week by the City Council. Mike Collins talks with those involved in the city's climate change fight. When President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement last June, mayors of Charlotte and other major cities vowed to pick up the mantle. Now, the city has set a goal for drastically scaling backing its carbon footprint.   Continue reading

Durham-Orange Light Rail Survives GOP Assassination Attempt in State Budget

By: Angie Schmidt (Streetsblog USA) An 11th-hour attempt to kill light rail in North Carolina’s Research Triangle has been defeated. A rider in the state budget, crafted behind closed doors by Republican leadership, would have cut off funding for the project. Advocates mobilized a response that convinced legislators to remove the rider. Continue reading