Sustain Charlotte hosts alternative transportation forum Thursday, launches group

The first forum for a group focused on alternative options for transportation in Charlotte as a way to improve the environment will be held Thursday. Continue reading

Three People Leading the Green Movement in Charlotte

Passionate leaders in Charlotte have established nonprofits, volunteer programs and community initiatives to promote and enhance sustainable living in the greater Charlotte area. Even though Charlotte has been deemed one of the least walkable cities for its size in the nation, these environmental leaders are establishing positive green lifestyle practices and pioneering the environmental movement in the Queen City. Continue reading

Sustain Charlotte polls city candidates on green issues

Want to know where Charlotte's political candidates stand on growth and environmental issues? Sustain Charlotte posted the results of its seven-question survey with local contenders in Tuesday's local elections, including the mayor and City Council races. Continue reading

Sustain Charlotte Releases Charlotte Mayoral and City Council Candidates' Responses to Sustainability Questions

Sustain Charlotte has surveyed all of the candidates running for Mayor of Charlotte and Charlotte City Council regarding their opinions on a variety of issues that impact the city's sustainability. These issues include how we plan for our projected population growth, and how we meet our changing needs related to transportation, water, waste, energy, and parks, as a result of this growth. Continue reading

Planning expert: Suburban sprawl is the fast food of economic development

A noted city planning consultant from Asheville on Tuesday told Charlotte leaders that low-density suburban development is the junk food of local government – tastes good at first, but ultimately it’s bad for you. Continue reading

Council members raise concern about planned automall

Several Charlotte City Council members expressed concerns Monday over a plan to put an auto mall near the planned $1.16 billion northern extension of the Lynx light rail line. Continue reading

Car dealer wants to build auto mall near light rail extension

The owners of Parks Chevrolet want to build an auto mall near the planned northern extension of the Lynx light-rail line, but critics say that’s the exact opposite of the dense, pedestrian-friendly development the line spurred south of uptown. Continue reading

Charlotte Commuters Drive More Than Most Americans

Charlotte-area commuters log 1,000 more miles a year and urbanites use public transit half as much as average Americans, says an analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council. Continue reading

RELEASE: New Charlotte Area Commuter Study: It Pays to Take Transit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press contact: Shannon Binns, 704-338-2610, shannon@sustaincharlotte.orgNew Study: It Pays to Take Transit Carpooling, transit and telecommuting best transportation choices to save money and the planetCHARLOTTE (July 17, 2013) – Charlotte area commuters could save between $931 (for urban commuters) and $2,163 (for rural commuters) per year if they switched to public transit for their daily commute, according to an analysis of NHTS data by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Continue reading

New effort would boost transportation choices

Does the two-state Charlotte region need an advocacy group to push for transportation options beyond just more highways? Dozens of area nonprofit leaders, planners, developers and activists gathered recently to consider whether the region needs such a group to be launched.  Continue reading