Pedal pushers: Biking as a transportation option; Biketoberfest showcases benefits of two-wheeling

(by Ashley Mahoney, The Charlotte Post)

"Charlotte needs to broaden its transportation horizons.

As the second annual Biketoberfest nears, the community event will encourage people see Charlotte without driving for transportation.  

'It becomes easier as it becomes more of a habit,' said Jordan Moore, bicycle program director for Sustain Charlotte, organizer of the Oct. 15 event.

As a corporate city, biking to work sounds sweaty, messy and less than professional for someone who has to spend his or her day in a suit or heels.

'The idea of changing the corporate climate is a tough nut to crack, because you kind of have to start at the top,' Moore said. 'You need businesses to put in facilities to make it possible for people to ride in wearing one thing, and then change into another. You need businesses to relax their dress codes and standards, which is something that Charlotte doesn’t like to talk about. We’re very buttoned up.'

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