Parkwood and The Plaza

After the death of a cyclist in 2015, we organized a petition calling for a road diet on Parkwood Avenue and The Plaza in solidarity with the residents of the Belmont, Villa Heights, and Plaza Midwood neighborhoods.  


Al Gorman's "Ghost Bike" on the corner of Parkwood and The Plaza.

With nearly 1,000 online signatories and several hundred more paper petitions signed, we have continued to advocate for the asks made in the original petition.  We send regular email updates tracking the progress to approximately 25 core neighborhood leaders.  We encouraged several of those leaders to arrange meetings with individual Council members and to speak to full City Council during the Citizen’s Form where they publicly asked for safer road conditions along Parkwood Avenue and The Plaza.

Because of our direct advocacy, Parkwood Avenue and The Plaza were included in a series of CDOT arterial corridor studies and walking tours conducted in Spring 2016.  The corridor study took a technical look at the challenges and possible solutions in the area.  

In Spring 2017 and as a result of our engagement and consistent resident encouragement, CDOT has requested funds to implement the construction of a road diet with protected bike lanes ahead of schedule along Parkwood from Belmont Avenue to Hawthorne Avenue with signal improvements on The Plaza.  The project is estimated to cost approximately $2.5 million.  

As this project moves toward construction, we will continue to update neighborhood leaders and community members on progress and attend relevant City planning meetings to ensure its successful implementation.  


CDOT's official recommendations for a road diet along Parkwood from Belmont Avenue to Hawthorne Avenue


Stroll and Roll Petition

We have also supported another petition headed by the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association calling for traffic safety measures included protected bike lanes on Central Avenue and the Lower Plaza.  Specifically, the petition calls for 3 miles of safety facilities to increase connectivity in a densely populated area, provide direct economic benefits for neighborhood businesses, give community members more transportation options, reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.

Close to 900 people have signed the petition with several hundred additional signatures on paper petitions.  We work closely with the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association President and provide technical assistance, mobilization strategies, and speech preparation for City Council meetings.  

We also helped plan and promote a community bike ride to support the protected bike lane demonstration on the Plaza during its extended use past its opening for Open Streets on May 7, 2017.  Over fifty people participated in the ride, showing the immense public support for a permanent protected facility on the Lower Plaza.  


Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association's ride to highlight the protected bike lane demonstration project on The Plaza.  


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