Our letter of support for coordinated city + county transportation planning

This week, we shared a letter with the City-County Joint Intergovernmental Relations Committee expressing our support for efforts to coordinate transportation planning at the City and County levels-- as well as the resolution on the topic that will be voted on at their upcoming meeting on September 15. We believe that greater collaboration will allow for greater accessibility for the greater Charlotte area!  

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  • Nancy B Wiggins
    commented 2020-09-04 14:20:53 -0400
    This policy statement is great as far as it goes; however, it needs to address the lack of connectivity caused by cul’d’sacs . This policy impedes response time and thus the support of First Responders, Additionally. the practice curtails active accessibility to the multi-modal connectivity that we are trying to achieve. Finally, we need to make sure that ALL of our modes of transportation are readily accessible by the Disabled who rely on various modes of transportation just as able bodied citizens do.