Neighborhoods - Past Years

Below are the eleven neighborhoods we have been working with since 2012.  Just click on a neighborhood name to download their plan.  You can also read a news story about this initiative here.

BikeRackNorthwoodEstates.jpgWe partnered with Northwood Estates to install a bike rack so residents can travel car-free more easily.

In 2014, we added five additional neighborhoods to this program and helped them work towards their top sustainability goals.  Here are their Sustainable Vision Plans:

The projects chosen by residents were varied and creative! They included an edible walkway, a workshop about water conservation and distribution of low-flow water fixtures, a test bed for a future community garden, expansion of a vocational gardening program, a neighborhood clean-up as part of a youth mentorship program re-launch, and formation of a recreational soccer program for immigrants who have little open space near their apartment homes.


Revolution Park residents voted on neighborhood sustainability priorities.

In 2015, we began working with Grier Heights and neighborhoods in West Charlotte to empower residents to continue working towards solutions for their sustainability challenges. Our programs in these neighborhoods engaged youth and apartment residents. We partnered with residents through transportation workshops, educational games, creation of traffic calming signs, and participation in neighborhood events. In July 2015, we collaborated with Mecklenburg County Park and Rec and 8 other organizations to host a Youth Sustainable Transportation Fair for 100 youth in the West Blvd area.

Our Sustainable Neighborhoods Program expanded to West Charlotte's Lakeview (formerly known as 'Lakewood') neighborhood in 2016 thanks to a grant from the Duke Energy Foundation! 

We began a partnership with the Grier Heights neighborhood 2016 to work collaboratively on resident-identified urgent sustainability needs including technology and job training, health and wellness, transportation, and access to healthy food. The Lincoln Heights neighborhood became a program partner in 2017.

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