NC Group Wants Bicycles in the Driver's Seat

(by Stephanie Carson, Public News Service - NC)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - For decades, much of the state's transportation solutions have come down to building roadways to accommodate more vehicles, but a group advocating for increased sustainability is asking policy makers to pave the way for transportation of the two-wheeled variety.

Tonight, Sustain Charlotte will announce its campaign for the construction of a protected bike lane running through uptown Charlotte and connecting Little Sugar Creek and Irwin Creek Greenways, says Shannon Binns, the group's executive director. 

"We're really trying to bring that infrastructure to Charlotte," explains Binns. "We think if we can start with a world-class bike lane in uptown Charlotte, that will show people just how much safer that makes it to bicycle. That will have a ripple effect that hopefully will lead to a world class network throughout the city." 

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