Meet the guy who will help shape bike policy in Charlotte in the coming years

(by Corey Inscoe, Charlotte Five)

Jordan Moore has a theory about Charlotte commuters: There are 5 percent of people who are never going to bike to work and 5 percent who either already are, or are at least considering bicycle commuting. The other 90 percent? They may have never considered it, but could be swayed to ditch the car if given the opportunity, he thinks.

“A lot of those people are sitting in their cars, holding those steering wheels, looking at us (cyclists) going, ‘How do I do that?'” Moore said recently. “People look at Charlotte as this inaccessible thing and it’s like, well no, if you’re adventurous and you get out there and you’re curious, there’s already a lot here.

“The other side of that is, let’s make it even better.”

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