‘Very sobering’: Local sustainability nonprofit responds to latest UN warning on climate crisis (QC News)

QC News – A final, dire warning, this week, a new report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we need “transformational change” to tackle climate change.

But the hope is we already have the solutions.

To narrow down solutions, we need to examine the problem. In North Carolina, transportation is our biggest emitter. 40% of our emissions come from cars, trucks, trains, and planes. So, one local nonprofit says that’s where we should start.

Sustain Charlotte says better city planning is the first step to more efficient transportation. More compact city growth and less sprawl can help us avoid car dependence. It will make public transit trips shorter and easier. This can also create a more walkable and bikeable cityscape.

Shannon Binns is the executive director of Sustain Charlotte.

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