Charlotte’s light rail was supposed to change our attitude about cars. It hasn’t.

(by Ely Portillo at The Charlotte Observer)

"Along the Blue Line, new apartments are springing up with bicycle repair stations, walking paths to light rail stations, direct connections to the Rail Trail path – and hundreds of parking spaces for cars.

Most of the apartments along the Blue Line light rail and its extension north to UNC Charlotte have roughly the same ratio of parking as apartments in Charlotte’s car-dependent suburbs – about one parking space per bedroom.

'Those are the best opportunities we have right now to build less parking,' Shannon Binns, head of Sustain Charlotte, said of the sites developers have been buying up for top dollar next to the light rail. The $1.2 billion Blue Line extension from uptown to UNC Charlotte is set to open by March of next year. 'When we don’t maximize the land use around the transit investments, we really are undermining those investments. We’re allowing a lot of that land to be spent storing cars,' said Binns.”


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