Jobs + Income

Key Fact

Nearly 1 in 4 Mecklenburg children lived in poverty as of 2011.

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Our Vision for Jobs + Income

By 2030, we envision a region in which...
  • Our businesses intuitively follow sustainable business practices and embrace the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

  • The region is a national leader for clean energy and green jobs, which include research, design and manufacturing of innovative technologies.

  • Regional high schools, colleges and universities provide insight and training for green collar professionals and all students have a profound understanding of the relationship between our economy, our environment, and our quality of life.

  • Visitors, businesses, and new residents gravitate to our region because of our healthy and beautiful natural environment, vibrant economy, and social equity.

  • All economic development plans promote sustainability.
  • Economic growth is not considered dependent on infrastructure expansion.

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