Improving pedestrian connectivity in Charlotte's North End

We are excited to have recently received a grant from AARP to help connect the neighborhoods of Charlotte’s North End with trails and signage. North End has the lowest street connectivity index and sidewalk availability for areas surrounding Uptown Charlotte. Gaps in the sidewalk network and lack of crosswalks put people in danger and prevent them from walking and biking.

Residents at a recent gathering of the North End Community Coalition.

Residents at a recent gathering of the North End Community Coalition.

Sustain Charlotte is working with the North End Community Coalition (NECC) to calm traffic and make the community more walkable and bikeable, while also advocating for improvements to the bus system.

As part of this process, we've taken several groups to walk sections of Statesville Ave to assess conditions that currently make it difficult for people who live and/or work in the surrounding neighborhoods to get around safely without a car. Participants make observations about the condition of sidewalks and crosswalks, distances between safe crossing locations, conditions at bus stops, driver and pedestrian behavior, and more.

We are excited to work with NECC to install trails and signage by the end of October!

Students on a recent walkability tour.

Students from Providence Day School on a recent walkability tour.

Sustain Charlotte's active transportation partnership with NECC is supported by Aetna Foundation and AARP.

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