Grow Smart CLT


With 50 people moving to Charlotte every day it's critical that we grow smarter. To help, in 2018 we launched an event series called Grow Smart CLT. These fun and informative events explore the multiple challenges that Charlotte faces due to our rapid increase in population and how these can be overcome through smarter growth.

Thank you for joining us at our last Grow Smart CLT: Planning the Silver Line rail virtual event! In case you missed it, we have put the recording on our YouTube page here.

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) LYNX Silver Line senior project manager Andrew Mock discussed the Silver Line light rail planning process. The event included time for audience questions, interview-style conversation with community leaders Joel Olsen and Astrid Chirinos, and opportunities for attendees to share input on the project.

Upcoming Events: 

Join us on Wednesday, June 9 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. for our first in-person Grow Smart CLT event! Our topic will be "A Vision for Charlotte's Future: Understanding the Comprehensive Plan". This will be an outdoor event. Check back for more details!




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