Get There CLT!

Sign the statement of support asking Charlotte and Mecklenburg County leaders to invest in transportation choices!

Dear Charlotte City Council Members and Mecklenburg County Commissioners,

"I support expanding our transit, bicycle, and pedestrian networks so that all residents can safely and conveniently reach the places they need to go."

Specifically, I support funding to plan and implement:

The Charlotte WALKS Pedestrian Plan, which will support a safe, useful, and inviting walking experience including a complete network of pedestrian infrastructure with ample crossing opportunities and quality sidewalks on Charlotte’s busiest streets.

The Envision My Ride initiative to redesign the CATS bus network with fast, frequent, reliable, and walkable service including more cross-town and suburb-to-suburb bus service, improved connections between different bus routes and between bus and light rail, and more direct services.

Completion of the projects in the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan, including the West Corridor, Red Line, Silver Line, Gold Line streetcar, Center City integration of transit lines, Gateway Station, and bus service and facility improvement throughout the region.

The Charlotte BIKES Bicycle Plan, which will expand the city’s network of safe and comfortable bicycle facilities (including protected bike lanes on busy streets), and develop a culture which recognizes and welcomes the bicycle as a means of transportation for bicyclists of all ages and abilities. I support funding to create a comprehensive bicycle network map.

Charlotte’s commitment to Vision Zero, including setting a clear goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries, creating a plan or strategy to reach this goal, and engaging key city departments.

Completion of the 205 mile Mecklenburg County greenway system by 2035.

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  • Mike Kincaid
    commented 2018-07-25 17:30:22 -0400
    Sorry to say I won’t be signing.

    Fix the roads first and foremost! This country is built on the car and truck for transport.

    Fix the roads!!

    We are a technology moment away from having smart cars start to produce real results in accident reduction and traffic improvement. Fix the roads!! So that smart car technology can have something to be used on.

    Fix the roads!! Charlotte and the surrounding area’s roads are an absolute embarrassment.

    Fix the roads!!