Source: Sustain Charlotte's 2014 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Sustainability Report Card


Key Fact

Sixty neighborhoods in Mecklenburg County have no full-service grocery stores selling a combination of fresh dairy, fresh eggs and fresh meats. Source: Mecklenburg County Community Food Assessment, 2010

Additional Resources

Local and Greater Charlotte Farmers Markets
go-go fresco

Our Vision for Food

By 2030, we envision a region in which...

  • Locally produced, nutritious food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, is available in all neighborhoods and affordable for all citizens.
  • Our economy has been positively impacted by our citizens’ ability and willingness to purchase local food.
  • Our schools serve healthy and affordable food.
  • Our health has improved because eating habits have changed.
  • All stores that participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) carry a broad selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.
  • SNAP benefits have been modified to encourage purchase of fresh, nutritious food.
  • Plans for new neighborhoods and re-developing neighborhoods ensure healthy food sources.
  • Charlotte has returned to its roots and is the trade center for healthy food for the Southeast.

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  • Richard Shaw
    commented 2015-07-31 09:25:44 -0400
    The metrics for this Food category don’t match the subject. It appears that the Energy metrics are repeated in this table.