First test for City Council newbies: What to do about Charlotte’s growth?

(By Ely Portillo - The Charlotte Observer)

Shannon Binns, executive director of Sustain Charlotte, said he hopes the new council members will be receptive to expanding bicycle lanes and transit, encouraging less car-dependent growth, capping the maximum amount of parking near light rail stations to make it less attractive to drive and making new developments more walkable.

The group promotes environmentally friendly development patterns, as well as biking and mass transit. All five new members are under 40, and some, such as District One’s Larken Egleston, have participated in Sustain Charlotte programs like Biketoberfest.

“We’re hopeful, given that the new members are younger, they’ll be more excited about the type of growth we advocate for, as well as improving transportation choices,” said Binns. “There seems to be a stronger interest in compact development, walkable development, which we advocate for as well.”

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