First ever Charlotte 2014 Sustainability Report released


On Tuesday, a non-profit group released the first ever "Charlotte Sustainability Report Card."

It examines food sustainability, employment rates, transportation, energy use and other aspects. The report also includes recommendations for how the city can improve.

The report found Mecklenburg County ranked low in the food category with a “D” locally compared to a “C” nationally.

The study cited Mecklenburg County has 60 areas without a nearby grocery store.

Mecklenburg County also received a "D" rating in land use, which is the same as the national comparison, because the metro area continues to spread out the cost of housing and transportation continues to increase.

The best grade -- an “A' in energy use -- compared to the national “C” ranking.

The group said the county has dramatically increased the number of more energy efficient buildings.

Leaders hope it could lead to more federal money for Charlotte.

"It's a good checkup, but the thing is if we take this information and don't do anything about it, then everything just falls flat, so we have to take this information and build on it, and try to improve these numbers,” said Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham.

The report did find the county has been making steady progress in air quality, transportation, waste reduction, and water use -- each receiving a grade of “B” overall.

You can check out the results of the report here.

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