FAQ City: Why Do Sidewalks End? Examining Charlotte's Sidewalks-To-Nowhere

Our Bike/Walk Coordinator, Eric Zaverl, was quoted in an article about sidewalk gaps in the Charlotte area.

By Nick De La Canal of WFAE

Eric Zaverl, with Sustain Charlotte, says he'd like the city to put together a more comprehensive capital plan that makes sidewalks, bike paths and greenways more of a priority. He thinks it can happen.

"We have to change the culture, though," he said. "We have to change the culture of the city, for all of us that live in it. We also have to change the culture inside the city too, to make sure that they really, truly realize that this is a priority."

And perhaps most important of all, we have to be willing to pay for it.

"Funding is key," Zaverl said. "It's the only way these things are going to get built."

Full story here.

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