Equity + Empowerment


Source: Sustain Charlotte's 2014 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Sustainability Report Card


Key Fact

Citizens with a high school education or less, and an annual income of under $30K reported that childcare, transportation, feelings of being unwelcome, safety concerns, and lack of information were obstacles to community involvement. 
Source: Crossroads Charlotte, 2008 Social Capital Benchmark Community Survey

Our Vision for Social Equity

By 2030, we envision a region in which...

  • All interested members of the community are included in discussions and policymaking affecting the public commons, without limitation as to standing, affiliation, citizenship, and/or civil or legal status.
  • Public and private interests follow the “triple bottom line” principle, in recognition of the inherent mutuality and interconnectedness of environment, society and economy.
  • Formal and informal education and training in sustainability is actively promoted at every level within area school systems, public institutions, and throughout the private sector.
  • Grassroots democratic participation is integrated into all public and private institutions as a safeguard against undue dominance by any particular interest group.
  • The creation of sustainable initiatives is supported across the social spectrum, with a focus on reducing social, political and economic inequality locally and globally.
  • We have moved beyond acceptance of diversity (with its focus on differences) to embracing plurality and the equal value of all members of an interrelated community
  • The privatization of certain resources that are fundamental to life and human survival has been rejected.
  • The eradication of poverty has been prioritized, we have adopted a social health index based on equitable access and attainment of the common good, and comprehensive yet flexible policies have been adopted to achieve this goal.
  • Sustainability is recognized and embodied at every level and continuously subject to re-evaluation and re-visioning.

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