EPA Awards $60,000 to Organizations in George and North Carolina for 2020 Environmental Justice Small Grants

Sustain Charlotte was recently selected for a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Sustain Charlotte will fund the Community-based Education on Smart Growth for a Healthier Charlotte project with the grant. This community-driven project engages residents of Charlotte’s North End neighborhoods to learn about the health impacts of air pollution and the impact of transportation choices on both environmental and public health. Information about how more sustainable choices can be made will be transferred through a series of six educational workshops, a Community Transportation Fair, and a community visioning session to identify resident-chosen locations in need of improved connections for bicycle and pedestrian access so that unnecessary car travel can be avoided.  

"The Charlotte metro area is experiencing rapid population growth, which means more people are moving to the area and bringing their cars. Even as vehicles become more fuel-efficient, the area is facing ongoing challenges to keep ground-level ozone within the health-based federal standard,” said Meg Fencil, Program Director. “This grant will allow Sustain Charlotte to build partnerships with residents in neighborhoods historically impacted by poor air quality and other environmental justice challenges. We will work together to support better health outcomes by encouraging active and sustainable transportation choices like walking, biking, and public transit instead of driving alone."

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