EmailTemplate - Support Charlotte BIKES

Dear Mayor Roberts, Council Members, and Staff,

I am writing to voice my support for the new bicycle plan, Charlotte BIKES, and ask you to vote for it.  

We need more transportation choices, and I believe Charlotte BIKES, will move us in the right direction.

I fully support the plan’s emphasis on:

  • Prioritizing the safety of bicyclists of all ages and abilities

  • Recognizing the importance of using demonstration projects to test new street designs

  • Advancing connectivity by devising a bicycle corridor map that will inform where investments should be made first

  • Enforcing traffic laws with the aid of red light cameras, and other strategies

I want to see Charlotte become a healthy and vibrant community where anyone can bike anywhere in the city safely no matter where they want to go.  

Charlotte BIKES provides the policy framework that will allow me to do just that, but it is up to you to pass this plan and allocate sufficient funds each year to implement it.

Please vote for Charlotte BIKES on May 22nd.

Thank you for your time,