Developers, planners: Proposed transit development rules for Charlotte represent good compromise

Our Executive Director, Shannon Binns, was quoted in this article featured in the Charlotte Business Journal.

By   – Staff Writer, Charlotte Business Journal Mar 15, 2019
Binns, who submitted a letter to council on behalf of Sustain Charlotte this week, also signaled support for the
changes made in the TOD policy over parking. More broadly, his organization supports new rules that
discourage or outright ban auto-oriented uses like gas stations and drive-thru restaurants in transit corridors,
which today is seen frequently along the Blue Line — sometimes right across the street from a station.
Binns' letter highlights the potential for the new ordinance to make transit use, walking and cycling attractive
and safe and praised the height bonus options, including affordable housing, transportation improvements and
"climate-friendly" actions like onsite renewable energy generation and energy-efficient buildings.

"Sustain Charlotte believes these new standards will stimulate long-term economic vitality in the city’s existing
and future transit corridors through better design, with more predictable results and with greater flexibility and
transparency," Binns wrote.


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