Charlotte took a big step toward its next light rail project. But even supporters say there are major kinks to work out

 Rob Tober, a transit advocate, was quoted in a Charlotte Agenda story about the future light rail extension.

By Katie Peralta

Charlotte Agenda 

The local nonprofit Sustain Charlotte wants the line run through Uptown, with a station where you could connect to the Blue Line. As it stands now, the line would go around Uptown, and you would connect in North End.

Ron Tober was the first CEO of Charlotte Area Transit System, from 1999 to 2007, when the Blue Line opened.

While he supports the Silver Line project, Tober says it’s a mistake not to have a stop at the airport, and not to have the line run through Uptown. It’s not too late to address those concerns, Tober says. He’s also a board member for the nonprofit Sustain Charlotte, which sent a letter to the Metropolitan Transit Commission earlier this year, encouraging the commission to consider a tunnel under uptown.

“I’m worried about what the ridership is going to be,” under the current plan, Tober told the Agenda.  “You build these things to transport people.”

He continued: “This is a 100-year decision and investment we’re making. We have to make sure it’s the right investment.”

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