Charlotte is in the midst of a hyper-local movement

(by Josh Jacobson, Next Stage Consulting)

"Charlotte is in the midst of a hyper-local movement that I’d argue is really just a new way of approaching the concept of community...

I perceive this movement as alive and vital to the future of Charlotte, and yet it is one where the nonprofit community is under-represented. This is disconcerting because there is nothing more hyper-local than the ambition of our region’s nonprofits, which are so often laser focused on improving the experience of living here.

There are certainly exceptions.  An organization like Sustain Charlotte exists to educate, engage and unite citizens to solve Charlotte’s sustainability challenges, and they are doing a very good job of it.  Participants can sign the 2030 Vision and then join the Community Corps to help make it a reality.  When I think of hyper-local, I often think of Sustain Charlotte as a model of community engagement..."

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