Charlotte DOT testing out bike lanes in uptown


"The city has already started working on a design for a permanent bike lane uptown.

"There has been a ton of study around this corridor and CDOT has determined this is the best lane to be given to cyclists,” Sustain Charlotte bike program manager Kate Cavazza said.

The city doesn't have the funding yet but feedback from the pilot project will play a roll in deciding if it will move forward.

Despite the temporary bike lane taking away a lane for drivers on the busy uptown street, Joleen Park, manager of the Queen City Q thinks the bike lane is a great idea.

"I know parking in uptown is always an issue and I think some people don't like coming downtown because of the parking,” Park said.

In May, the city tested temporary bike lanes in Plaza Midwood and received mixed feedback.

"As we know, traffic is getting worse, more people move here,” Cavazza said. “Forty-four people a day move to Charlotte, and with a bigger city, we need more transportation choices to eliminate that traffic, and it's good for our future.""

Watch the video and read more here

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