Do you want to provide your employees with an overview of how economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable Charlotte is? This is a great lunch & learn to start with because it will help your employees understand the sustainability context for decision-making in business. We'll review trends over time in Charlotte as well as how we stack up to the rest of the country.

This lunch & learn includes an interactive trivia game to educate and inspire your employees. 
They'll learn:

1. How well Charlotte is doing on our air quality, energy use, equity + empowerment, food, jobs + income, land  use, transportation, waste, and water use.

2. Why a long-term vision coupled with immediate action is needed.

3. Three simple ways to make a positive immediate and long-term impact on sustainability of their community.

This lunch & learn includes a consultation to determine which of these nine dimensions of sustainability are most important to your organization's sustainability and how to inspire sustainable change at work.

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